The song is the most important link in the entire signal chain. Without attractive content, each recording loses its charm all too quickly. Therefore, it is essential to analyse the songs and the arrangements and, if necessary, to optimise them. You are the second most important link in the signal chain. A gripping performance, recorded with a cheap microphone, is better than a bad performance, recorded with an expensive microphone. But your instruments are also very important. Does the guitar have a correct setup? Is the intonation correct? Have new strings been fitted and has the drumkit been fitted with new skins? Is the drum kit correctly tuned? These and many more details will make the difference. The effort and costs for production can vary greatly depending on the project. I would like to create a suitable offer for your project.


The term “editing” refers to adapting the performance. Basically, timing and intonation are corrected. Editing can also be more extensive. For example, also individual beats of a snare drum can be changed or individual consonances of a vocal performance can be replaced. After editing, your song will be more precise and compact. The performances now match exactly and thus simplify the task of a loudspeaker. Editing is often underestimated, but actually, it is at least as important as the mix itself.


A successful mix ensures that all elements of a musical work can coexist side by side. A homogeneous balance forms the basis. Nothing may stand out too much in the foreground, nothing may be masked. The individual signals are processed and refined with high-quality plugins. On the subgroups, “state of the art” outboard processors are doing their job. They give your song the desired colouration and analogue touch.



Mastering can be explained with just one word, fine-tuning. The song gets a final refinement before the loudness gets increased. High-end outboard processors take care of the colouration. Technical corrections will be done with phase linear, digital plugins. At the end of the signal chain, there is the mastering limiter. After this last step, your song not only sounds louder, but also more balanced and more enjoyable at high volume.

Reamping / Drumreplacement:

A tight budget and/or the lack of know-how can have a negative effect on the final product. Reamping and drum replacement offer an optimal solution. In the following techniques, it is important to follow certain procedures, which is why it is important to get in contact with me before you start to record. Thanks to reamping, you can easily record your guitar tracks from the comfort of your own home with a DI-box, then re-record them later in the studio with high-quality amplifiers. This reduces the studio time to a minimum without sacrificing quality. Drum replacement replaces snare, kick and toms of bad sounding drum recordings with high quality samples. This way, your recording is at least soundwise at a new level. Natural dynamics can be maintained as desired.


  • Example mix (up to and including the first Chorus): free

  • Production, Editing, Mixing & Mastering: 50 EUR / Hour

  • Reamping & Drumreplacement: 50 EUR / Hour